Friday, 18 October 2013

The smile of your eyes
the warmth of your kiss
your speedy full tail
waved sunshine and bliss
You were always so happy
so filled with glee
You danced the circles
for everyone to see
The life of a breeder
not always so lucky
Our tears and attention
may not save the puppy
You came to us ailing
not well we could see
Our efforts not enough
long life not to be
You smiled and then left us
we’re broken in pain
A piece of our heart
now gone with your name
We huddle the rest
our pack in their den
With hope for tomorrow
it won’t happen again
The sadness behind us
new joy now in sight
A new life in hand
oh please get it right
The circle continues
we all play our parts
It’s a gamble, not a game
because we all risk our hearts.
Georgie – July 15, 2013 – October 17, 2013