Thursday, 5 July 2012

Alopecia X - Sometimes known as BSD

Alopecia X, sometimes called BSD (black skin disease) is a ‘hairloss’ condition which has been known to affect several of the Nordic breeds. It’s more common in younger males but has presented in females and older dogs. There are many theories and much confusion surrounding this condition. As the science progresses, we will learn more about causation and hopefully develop a protocol for breeders to follow when deciding on mating pairs. The good news is that this is only a ‘cosmetic’ problem. Dogs that are affected with this problem are not sick. They are not in pain and they do not have a shorter life expectancy than dogs that are not affected. More good news is that research is underway and the American Pomeranian Club is collecting donations in hopes of having the Pomeranian Genome mapped. Mapping the Genome should lead to a test which will help breeders to know if they have a ‘carrier’ dog in the breeding program.
TinyBear Pomeranians is dedicated to helping with this mission. We pledge a donation of $100 to the Genome project for every puppy that we sell. For more information or to make a donation, please go the American Pomeranian website:

Dr. Paul Eckford from TinyBear Pomeranains presented a seminar on Alopecia X at the Pomeranian Club of Canada's 2012 Specialty show. He also wrote an article for Pomeranians in Canada Magazine. To read this article, please click the link below.