Sunday, 7 August 2011

Please Don't Blame the Breeder

From time to time, I read different articles and blog comments that paint dog breeders and greedy and cruel. As a professional breeder of Pomeranians, I must stand up for myself and those like me. The reason that we breed is not to make a profit. Please, when a Pomeranian only has one pup in a litter (1 to 3 is average) and she needs to have a c-section which can cost about $3000 in an emergency - you aren't making money. If she has a natural birth, you must still account for all of the vet expenses necessary to whelp and raise that dog, feed it, provide it with nutritional supplements and consider the time and effort and real out-of-pocket money involved in training, travelling to shows and paying those fees.  What you are left with is one very expense hobby.  

We do it because we love the breed and what it has to offer. Every breed has its place and offers man something different. My passion just happens to be these little balls of fluff. Breeders do this willingly and lovingly so their breed can survive. To make something clear to everyone, a girl who needed a c-section in my breeding program would never be bred again. I don’t consider that a good trait for the survival of the breed.

The problem with shelters being full of unwanted and unloved pets is not the fault of the breeder. It is the fault of the pet owner, pet stores and backyard breeders and puppy mills. Not just anyone with cash-in-hand can have one of my dogs. You must meet my strict requirements before I will approve you to adopt one of my ‘kids’. For example, you will need vet and other personal references as to your credibility and history as a pet owner. I don’t place Pomeranians with anyone who has small children in the home. It’s not fair to the child because they are naturally curious and want to play. It’s not fair to the dog because small children can be rough, unknowingly, and Pomeranians are delicate. I don’t sell dogs at Christmas or Easter. I meet my prospective Pom owners and do my best to understand their motivation for wanting one of my dogs.

Until we can successfully educate prospective pet owners and legislate the absolute necessity to spay and neuter, we will always have horrible kill shelters and unwanted pets piled-up in cages waiting to be loved. It breaks my heart because every pet deserves a loving home but the breeder is not at fault.

Please take some time to read and share the following links so that you can understand what a breeder does, why puppy mills, pet stores and backyard breeders are so bad and what the true cost is in owning a dog.